Friday, April 6, 2012

Let's take another crack at this...

What? So I didn't blog for two years.
Blogging, like many other things in my life went on hold when I became a mom. Times TWO!

I'm back, and instead of starting a whole new blog, I've decided to continue with "Just stand there then," because upon reading my previous posts I've realized that though my life has changed, I'm still the same person - just a little fatter and slightly wiser.

This post is about me.
In order to transition this blog from past posts to present, I feel the need to contrast and compare.

When I started "Just stand there then," I was a budding journalist on my first internship at a community newspaper. Freshly married, I had ideas about my life that have been completely blown away with three years of what we'll call "seasoning." Two kids have mysteriously popped into my life and have taken over nearly every moment, thought and action.

Where I used to think of my life as a prime time drama filled with coffee shop rendezvous with girl-friends and late night dancing, I now think of it as part sit-com and part Sesame Street: In the first, I live out my homemaking duties and have Monty-Python-esque encounters in the grocery store and in the second I basically answer the question "What's that?" a thousand times a day and sing popular tunes like "The Wheels on the Bus" and "The Farmer in the Dell."

And yet... I feel like my life has taken a wonderful turn. Raising kids and keeping house, while being more difficult than I naively imagined, has made me more complete than any job at a newspaper or magazine could ever have done. But deep down, I'm still a writer, and I have an inkling that re-igniting my presence in the blogosphere, may just be the ticket to capturing this time in my life, which if full of priceless encounters, and snapshots of reality-based wisdom that need to be shared and enjoyed.

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