Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More jibber-jabber...

This one will consist of cute things my sons say....

My second, Carter, has been jabbering for awhile now... today he came up with "Baa-ba-ba-ba-ba" and the other day it was "Gooooom, goom goom goom goom."  Ah baby talk... how I will miss thee when thou hast gone.  Fortunately, I think I can possibly get through a few more pregnancies, so it'll be awhile till that well dries up.  I'm really fascinated with the development of language in children.  My earliest memories are shortly after I began speaking, and there is quite a bit of research to support the theory that we experience life through language. Perhaps we'll save the intellectual babble for another time.

When I opened the curtains in the living room this morning to reveal a bright sunny day, my son Patrick stood on the armchair and exclaimed "I see the world! It's the world outside mommy."
The next thing I knew, he was jumping up and down on the chair saying "Hello trees! Hello grass! Can you come inside and play with me?!"  Where does he come up with this stuff?

Lately, as in the last three weeks, he's had a bit of an obsession with the landfill.
I'd better explain: My husband is a contractor, and makes somewhat frequent trips to the landfill with construction waste. Sometimes he'll take Patrick with him, and Patrick finds it very exciting because he's into track-hoes and loaders and bulldozers and land-rollers ect... all of which you can see at the landfill.
He comes home saying "We saw a BIG, BIG bulldozer!" while standing on his tip toes with wide eyes. He says "BIG BIG" with feigned effort, perhaps to indicate that whatever he's referring to is just that hard to comprehend.
He also prays that God blesses the landfill at mealtimes, and every night, without fail, he says to us "When I get up in the morning, I will go pee, then we'll go to the landfill."
And every time we're about to go out somewhere, be it to the grocery store or to the park he says something along the lines of "We're going to get in the car (or truck) and drive and drive and drive to the... LANDFILL!"
Some kids like Disneyland or even just the playground... mine thinks the landfill is where it's at.

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