Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cute little somethings...

Patrick and Carter are at it again!

Their minds baffle me to no end:

Budding horticulturalist:

As we were eating dinner one night, Patrick said,
"Onions are kinda like potatoes." to which Joseph, over my stifled laughter, replied,
"Actually, onions are nothing like potatoes."
And from there the conversation went as follows.
Patrick: "Onions are kinda like the shop that we work in.... Daddy, your shop doesn't stink."
Joseph: "That's because you're not in it making it stinky."
Patrick: "I don't stink. Daddy, you don't stink, and Mommy, you don't stink."
Me: "What about Carter?"
Patrick: "Carter does stink."
Then a little while later, Patrick said,
"Onions are kinda like the peas that we eat."

Patrick: I'm going to read a story about Jesus.
Me: Really? Who is Jesus?
Patrick: Jesus is God, Mommy.
Me: Oh yes, that's right!  So, where does Jesus live?
Patrick: At church wif Fader Dan.
Me: Well, yes, but God is also all around us and lives in our hearts.
Patrick: No, he lives in my tummy, and sometimes he THUNDERS in dere.

This is the long theological discussion I had with Patrick before bedtime prayers. Forgive me if I'm a heretic. It's been a few years since the days of Baltimore Catechism.

Me: In the name of the Father...
Patrick: Where's the Father?
Me: He's in heaven.
Patrick: Where's the Son?
Me: He's Jesus, and He's also in Heaven... sort of... but He is on earth too, well, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God the Father and God the Son and He's all around us.
Patrick: (Blank stare)
Me: Let's start again, in the name of the Father, and the Son and the -
Patrick: Where's the Spirit?
Me: Well, He's all around us, he's like wind (blows on Patrick's hands), we can't see Him but we know He's there.
Patrick: Jesus is in our hands! (Looks at his hands excitedly).
Me: Yes, Jesus is in our hands - He does work with them, like when you give Carter nice hugs.
Patrick: Where's the Spirit?
Me: Well, like I said, he's like the wind, we can't see Him, but we know He's there.
Patrick: Um... He's just hiding.

Later I found out that when Joseph taught him the sign of the cross, he said to him "Where's the Father/Son/Holy Spirit?" but he only meant where on your body do you place your hand when you're making the sign of the cross - not the actual locations of the parts of the Trinity.

Dietitian:Patrick: Thank-you for making this good supper mommy. I'm eatin' it all up.
Me: Your welcome.  I'm glad you like it.
Patrick: Our good food goes into my tummy, then it goes up and down my legs and then to my bum where it turns into poop!

Another dinner...Me: Eat those carrots all up, they're really good for you. They help you grow big and strong.
Patrick: And then I will have some Halloween treats for d'sert, and they will make me grow berry berry big!
Me: Yeah, but if you eat too many, they'll make you grow so big, you won't be able to run around.
Patrick: (Looking down at his legs) Well I will eat just a little tiny bit. Like one Nem & M....
(Looking up and smiling) or two, or three, or four, or five, or six, or seven, or eight, or twenty six Nem & Ms!


One wee story... though there are thousands more.

Carter loves the phone, and the remote. He loves to pick up the phone and "talk", actually making sounds and then pausing in between, like someone's replying.  He also pushes buttons on the remote while pointing it at the TV.

Carter had our phone one day and accidentally pushed the speaker button, then proceeded to push several numbers, but he got the operator saying "We're sorry, your call could not be completed as dialed, please hang up and try your call again."
He looked up at me, looking like he wanted an explanation.
Me: Sorry! It didn't work!
Carter: (Looks at phone and smacks head in seeming frustration). Grrggghh.

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