Monday, April 1, 2013

Mommy Wise Monday Vol. 3 - er... sort of.

Hello seekers of mom-wisdom.

I'm writing an essay right now, the second-last of my degree (which begs the question of whether or not I'll go for my Masters, which honestly, would be awesome... I love school)... so I really can't give the time necessary to write a great blog post.

However, let me direct you to a great post that I've read six or seven times in the last year as I've contemplated just throwing in the towel on university and staying at home full-time. It's by Haley at Carrots For Michealmas, titled "A Dog Could Take Care of Your Child" Or Why I Quit Grad School to Stay Home with My Kids.

It's one woman's story and perspective on the joy of staying home with children, and I really needed it at the time it was written. Please Enjoy!

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