Friday, May 31, 2013

More cute little somethings...

Patrick: Mom, I have to tell you somepin.
Me: Yes?
Patrick: When I get big like you, I will have a baby in my tummy.
Me: Well, actually, you're a boy, so you won't be able to have a baby in your tummy.
Patrick: Aw... but I really really would like one.
Me: Well, God made you a boy, so you won't be able to have one... but you know what you can do?
Patrick: What?
Me: Someday you could be a Dad.
Patrick: Kinda like my dad? Wif tools an' fings?
Me: Yes - if you want to be.
Patrick: And then I will have a BIG big truck too.
Me: Would that be better than having a baby in your tummy?
Patrick: Yes, it would, because a truck can carry babies AND mommies AND daddies and boys.


Carter (almost 1.5 yrs) has incredibly cute moments too.  They're harder to document because he doesn't say many words yet, but I'll do my best:

Carter understands more than he says. And he listens to everything very intently.

Every day we say grace at mealtimes and bedtime prayers with the boys, beginning with the sign of the cross.  Carter, not yet coordinated to do it completely, knows that when we say "In the name of the Father" we put our hand to our forhead, so that's what he does.

In the middle of Mass this past Sunday, as we were saying the part of the Nicene Creed that goes "...who proceeds from the Father and the Son," and Carter, hearing this, raised his hand to his forehead. Then he looked back at me with his winning smile that seemed to say "Hi mom. See? I know what's going on."

Joseph and I were pretty amazed.  It really confirmed my thought that they do listen and "get" something from Mass.

Other musings on Carter:
Carter is very huggable and snuggly.  He's also learned how to kiss, and when he sees a bear, a doll, or another child (even pictures) he smacks his lips, indicating that he wants to give a kiss.

He mostly communicates his needs by pointing and making an "Uh!" noise to get our attention.  The word he says most often is "Out" and he says it slowly and deliberately "Owww-tuh".  He also says "Patrick" ("A-chik")  and "Mum" and "Dad" on prompting.  He's a little bit dramatic when he can't have what he wants - as most toddlers are - but I guess I found Patrick a little easier to console and distract.

Patrick is now in the world of pretend.  Many days this week, he's been a pirate. He seems to know a lot about pirates, and has informed me that "Pirates don't have mommies" (and therefore they don't have to listen to them), and that pirates wear "sea-boots" (his rain boots) and these boots help pirates to walk on the water.  When I told him that Jesus also walked on water, he said "Jesus was a pirate, wasn't he?"

Yesterday's occurrence was the best:

Me: (Sat down on what I thought was an empty couch)
Patrick: "Mom! You just sat on my sword!"
Me: (Getting up to see if there was indeed anything under me) "Oh, I'm sorry."
Patrick: (Taking his invisible sword off the cushion) "It's okay, I will put it over here instead. (Puts sword on the bookshelf)
"Is your bum okay?  Swords are very sharp, you know."

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  1. I love it :) Claire was playing hairdresser with me yesterday in which I asked her how long she has been one. She replied 4 billion years in which I replied 'Wow. Your older than the dinosaurs!' Mmmm Hmmm! She confirmed.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


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