Friday, August 9, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 1

This is my first-ever 7QT, which is ridiculous! I have read 7QT for a whole year, and have found some fabulous blogs by randomly clicking to see what the rest of the world has to say. However, apparently I didn't feel worthy, despite loving the concept - UNTIL NOW.
Unfortunately this means I have an inner desire to make this the most awesome 7QT of all time, but after a month of attempts at knocking your socks off and getting writer's block, I've decided to just post whatever crazy things happen to come out of my brain. Speaking of brains...

Speaking of brains... Where is MINE?! I'm having a serious case of baby brain this pregnancy.  I swear I didn't have this with the other two... but who really knows. Babies have a way of clouding the memory. 

I ran the stop sign on our block. You know, the one I have to stop at every single time I go anywhere. Thankfully, there was no other traffic, so I saved face just a little.  I must also confess that I've probably air-conditioned my kitchen with the amount of times I've opened the fridge to get something, and in the span of a nano-second, forgot what I went in there to get.  I found myself standing there, staring blankly at the containers, the milk, the random condiments that never get used and just... nothing. It was gone. Baby boy kicked it into oblivion with his progesterone-inducing presence. 

I'm considering doing some brain exercises or something because I'm driving my poor husband crazy! He says things to me - important things, like "Pay the credit card today, okay?" and I listen - I really do, then about 3 days later, I remember that I haven't done the important thing I said I would do, sending me scrambling to explain to him that, "I just forgot."  Since I'm generally pretty sharp when it comes to important things, he looks at me like I've just kicked one of the boys, and sometimes I cry. He's fairly comforting, but still puzzled at my lack of neural ability. 


So, above, I mentioned we're having another baby boy. At least the purportedly 85% accurate ultrasound says so.  
What makes me regret finding out though is that many people's in-person reactions have been somewhat negative. If not negative towards us finding out, then negative toward the fact that our male baby is not female. 

So we have two boys already! So I have said I'd like to have a little girl someday. But for goodness sakes, now that you know we're "stuck" with a boy, why would you say anything out loud!?  What flabbergasts me is that these are my lovely, Catholic, militantly pro-life type, NFP-loving acquaintances. If I hear about "early days" and female sperm survival and "well, at least you already have everything for him," again. I'll probably punch something. 

I'll admit I have set myself up for this, thinking that since this pregnancy has been les miserables compared to the previous two, baby must be a girl. I've speculated upon this with friends. Maybe I'm oversensitive.  Huh. Pregnancy and sensitivity... nahhhh.

My point is. Be they boys or girls, babies are awesome. Their little lives are so amazing to behold - and each child is so different. When I found out baby boy was a boy, and saw what I saw, I can tell you that I had such peace.

Okay, so I won't be french-braiding hair or playing princess tea party with this one, but he'll be a different boy than Patrick and Carter, with his own little odd way of capturing my heart  (Cue the "Awww.")

Hmmm, salad craving. That's a new one. Most of the time through pregnancy, I have craved junk - chips my friends, lots of chips. My body is probably thanking me for not actually buying the chips I crave. Triumph of the conscience. Yesterday, I actually wanted a salad and ate one. Hellooooo health!

With this pregnancy, I am turning over a new organized house leaf. I think it's out of necessity or just out of boredom - not out of some self-righteous-perfect-mom syndrome. During my last two pregnancies, I was a full-time student, so I didn't care about my housekeeping, or making sure my kids didn't watch too much Toopy and Binoo (words on why I hate this show some other time.) Plus, I've been living in a renovation for the lifetime of my second child... It's hard to care about cleaning your kitchen when there are no cupboard doors and no baseboard or trim. Once it's clean, it's still not as pretty as you'd like it, which is so dissatisfying. However, that problem is slowly being remedied by my carpenter husband, and I'm patient (or so I keep telling myself.) Also, I'm not a student anymore... so I've slowly started to see that I actually have the time amidst my two-toddler chaos to clean up my act a little before this third babe comes along. Inside my messy little soul, I've discovered an odd liking for organizing. Maybe it's all the time I spend on Pinterest. Maybe it's that I've discovered it's way less stressful to get toddlers out the door when you can find their shoes.  
My husband is loving this newfound cleanliness. He grew up in a house-turned-bed-&-breakfast, so it is constantly neat as a pin.  Ne'er is there a dish unwashed or a crumb unswept.  Friends of mine have complained about their husband's untidiness, but I have always had to admit that in our marriage, I am the untidy one.  

I'm still skeptical that I can hold it together very long, because friends, this is some untested water.

My lovely husband, playing a song for Carter: Just one part of our perfect bedtime routine. (Bahaha... please get the sarcasm that typing does not communicate).
Lets talk for a minute about blogs. Lately there's been a lot of bigger-blog commentary (like Simcha's post) on whether or not blog reading makes us feel bad about our lives. I have to say, I'm relatively new to blogging and reading blogs, but when I read blogs (I may be reading yours) and see a lot of humility and inspiration. I don't think anything I've read on the internet has made me feel bad about my life. But then, I'm supposed to be a journalist, so I'm desensitized and trained to see through just about everything I read. Do I really believe Miss Perfect Blog with a thousand Pinterest posts of her organizational and crafting skills actually has it all together? Nope. Do I read her posts anyway? Oh yeah, because I could use a little help in that area... in lots of areas. The lovely Catholic women who blog and share their spiritual breakthroughs and hindrances also only help me not to feel so alone. Oh, and praise of husbands... praise away. There is far too much complaining going on in the world about husbands. When good women appreciate and love good men, we can only have good results. Sorry if that makes people jealous, that's their issue. I'm also inspired purely by some writers of blogs. If you can't write worth a darn, I'm probably not reading your blog. If you can write about vacuuming your carpet in elegant prose, I'm there. If you're funny because you just write what's absolutely true but nobody actually says, I'm there. There's my little take on that. I'm not going to apologize for things I write... hello, thingsiwontapologizefor! But I do dearly hope that nothing I write is ever written with a condescending or discouraging tone. Kid moment: Carter came in this morning to wake me up (at the somewhat reasonable hour of 6:30) and just stood there for a few seconds before he quietly said "Mom." When I looked at him he said, "Brrr" which actually means "banana". Then, I, brilliantly thinking I'd buy myself a minute or two more in bed, said to him, "Say 'banana' Cart, and I'll get up and get you one." He just looked at me like "Oh yeah, you're going to play that game?" and said, "Bana." I had him on a technicality (two few syllables) but his little face and hilarious morning hair (His super-baby powers of cuteness) really makes it easier to drag myself to the kitchen to peel a banana. I give them a banana every morning. It has a symbiotic relationship with getting me out of bed in time to shower before the husband goes to work.
Playing "Ice Cream Shop" at the park. Here's where he says "Ummy!" and pretends to eat the rocks, or he actually eats the rocks, I haven't conducted a thorough investigation.
I've been trying to reduce the T.V. time in my kid's lives. It just one of those things that I let them do that turns into HOURS instead of the half-hour that I intended. I've been digging through Pinterest to find activities that fill their time, but thankfully, filling their time hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be. We went to the library and brought home a stack of books, and I've unearthed appreciation for old classics like "Amelia Bedelia". Now, if the library staff could just stop lecturing me about how bringing my books back on time or renewing them will ensure that I don't get late charges (a whopping 14.90 this time!) perhaps I'd do this more often. I don't understand why I frequently bring back books late. My first job was in a library. I worked there for 5 years off and on, and they'd still hire me back if I moved to my hometown. When I worked there, (single, no kids mind you) I had no idea how you could bring your books back late time after time, but the same people always did. One lady would just come in, plop them down and say "Well, some people donate to the library, I keep my books a little longer." (Ugh! I plagiarize that) She'd pay her $30 no problem and get another 20 books and keep them for a month longer than the due date. Now I'm those people. Irony.
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