Friday, August 30, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Volume 3

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I am without my computer for two or three weeks, so I'm doing this on my phone.  I have owned this computer for about 8 months, and the screen has been flashing these terrible lines at 2-5 minute intervals.  I took it in to Best Buy, where I was made to feel totally inferior because I had not thought 8 months ago that I might actually need the, as the greasy-nerdy sales rep called it, "higher-end" tech support package where they give you a loaner laptop while yours is being excorsised. (Oh and clearly this iPhone hasn't familiarized itself with spiritual jargon, because exorcism, even though I am spelling it correctly, is auto correcting to excursion) Anyway, sorry sales rep, I never thought I'd need the $200 package because my last computer lasted me 7 years before its screen died! Oh technology and planned obsolescence (ok iPhone, why do you know THAT?).


I got Carter a "ba-pa" so he can be just like his brother.  He loves it. He didn't even want to take it off to nap, despite my insistence that rolling over on his things might be less than comfy.  We compromised by hanging it on his bed frame.  His last sleepy sighs were "ba-pa." 

This book came in the same amazon package as the backpack.  Just in the nick of time, since I finished the second Harry Potter book and haven't ordered the 3rd from the library.  I'm at page 50 and laughed a little too hard to be drinking afternoon tea while reading.

I'm still in denial about maternity pants.  However, the results are less than pretty. If I'm standing it's okay, but when I sit, I feel like my poor pants are saying, "Nooooo! Why do you do this to us?!"  Maybe in September, when the weather is more conducive to those belly-covering stretchy bits, I will admit to myself that it's time.

Now, to be clear, I'm not one of those skinny women who wear size 2 till they pop.  I've always had a slight-medium overage when it comes to weight, so when I say I'm fitting into non-maternity pants, I'm saying that I'm fitting into post-first-baby pants that losing (uh, puking out) 20 lbs at the beginning of this 3rd pregnancy helps me fit into 5 months pregnant.   

We'll get into body image another time. Promise.


I may have found a way to stay sane while dealing with semi-rational beings (otherwise known as children) all day.  Projects!

Last month I began organizing a freezer-meal prep with 4 friends.  Last Friday, we made 100 meals in about 5 hours (with some prep the night before) and though it was a little more chaos than I'd hoped, we got it done.  

Last night we enjoyed a  lasagna made that day:


These are my sillies.  This is last night when their Dad got home.  His presence seems to make them crazed with excitement, which is great. 

We are having a hard time consistently disciplining our increasingly difficult 3-year-old.  Sometimes I forget that reason is practically nonexistent at this age.  Patrick is pretty articulate as far as 3-year-olds go.  As one friend put it, he's like a "little man."  This constantly tricks me into thinking he makes more sense of the world than he actually does.  I think to myself, "He really should know by now not to take Carter's toys! Aaaaarrrgghhh!!!"  (Sometimes I don't just think that last part). But realistically, he's a selfish, impulsive little boy who still has a lot to learn.

Before Patrick was born, I read a lot of James B. Stenson, who subscribes to the philosophy that we are not raising children, we are raising adults.  It makes sense.  Patrick's only job is to be a kid.  My job is to slowly teach him how to be an adult. I just need to remember that all of that won't be taught at once.

Maybe remembering that will help me to enjoy his childhood while it's still here.

This is Carter right now.  He needs a mommy-snuggle, so off I go!

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