Friday, September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 5

Linking with Jen and the other fantastics.


My computer is still not back from being repaired. However, my phone is proving so useful.  I actually wrote a fairly lengthy post this week.  

It's fairly heavy. Basically, my oldest asked me about rape, which got my mind spinning. Give it a read if you're up for it.


Today we got crafty!

Well, as crafty as you can get with 3 and 1-year-old boys, and limited no-mess supplies. This is a cereal box turned inside out and some dollar-store foam stickers. Our cute mini-clothespin came from Michael's and is probably the most expensive part of this little project. I had Patrick trace the "To Dad," for a little impromptu letters practice. He doesn't quite know the lowercase letters yet, but he wants to know (otherwise I wouldn't bother),". He's always interrupting stories to point to the letters and ask what they are, which makes me super-proud. 


Carter gets inventive with "'ats".  He loves to put anything on his head and plays with his hair all the time. He was devastated when I cut off the beginnings of a mullet two weeks ago.


In Jen's 6th take, she touched on people who are isolated, or without "their own village."
I'm neither, but I'm realizing lately that I'm an extremely passive friend, and therefore, very bad at building and contributing to the existing village of lovely friends our family has. Example: I've been meaning to call several friends over the summer to get together, but summer has ended and I've seen 3 of the 6 or 7 on my proverbial list. If they've called me, we've gotten together, and its been great. I always leave those teas and chats and play dates feeling uplifted and like it should happen more often.  
The problem is that I keep myself busy and far from bored at home.  Besides things that need to be done, I have lots of little projects that have been sitting on the back burner for a few years (while I was a student/having two babies), plus, major renovations to our fixer-upper home.  The days just slide by, and I suppose my introversion keeps me from longing for actual adult conversation and contact.  But I have to admit, the little village we have of lovely Catholic families is too good not to put some time into.  Hmmm.


Hate me, fellow Canadians, but when I'm pregnant, winter is my best friend.  I am hating any day where the temperature is over 20 (so basically the entire summer). The crisp morning air of Autumn has brought sweet relief to me, and significantly longer playground stays for the boys.

However, I still languish in the shade.

I just keep thinking to myself that I'll be toasty warm all winter between pregnancy and cozy breastfeeding time with a newborn come December or January.


Potty training begins next week for Carter.  I think he's going to do great.  I'm anticipating a couple months with no diapers before the baby, which will perhaps be my first diaper-free time in almost 4 years.  Pray it goes well, please.
Carter drives me nuts, running away every time I need to take him for a change. I've started bribing him with gummy-bears and marshmallows (judge away, I am not proud of this) so I don't have to hunt him down, tackle him and carry him to the change table, kicking and giggling. He thinks its a game, no matter how displeased I get. 
I never imagined I'd be thinking up ways to enact sneak attacks on 2 year olds just to meet their basic needs (and my need not to wash 20 pairs of pants each week).


These people.
I don't know them, but I read their story and cried my eyes out. Mom, with six kids lost husband/father in recent Alberta floods, and now may have to sell their beautiful home.  Please pray. And donate, if you can.

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