Saturday, December 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 12

Grr! So late.  Yesterday was spent finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows instead of quick takes but I started them Thursday night, and didn't want to leave them till next week!
See Conversion Diary for more quick takes fun.


I have a lot happening right now, and I'm trying to resist the urge to just climb into bed and play the pregnancy card for getting out of everything.
Advent, looming due date, various parties and gatherings, Christmas wrapping and baking.
We're trying to keep it simple and fun, and almost a week in, Advent has been pleasant.

For myself, I've been focusing on getting a little more God-time into my day in a simple fashion... for example, I folded laundry, saying a prayer for the child whose clothing I folded either of supplication or thanksgiving. Surprisingly, thanking God for my kid's attributes and loveliness was easier than I thought.

For the kids, we've been helping them become aware of what Advent and Christmas are about. Basically, we read stories pertaining to Jesus' birth and the Nativity, and for a little fun:

Our Wisemen, searching for Jesus, and stopping for a snack.

We took a family photo on Sunday - it will probably be our last before our new boy arrives - and I was happiest with this one:
Crazy that next year we'll be doing this with three kids.
Making two look at the camera was more than enough.
However, as much as I want to send this to all my family and friends, we'll be sending baby photos out too come January, so I'm saving myself the postage and printing and just skipping Christmas cards and doing a post-baby/Happy New Year card instead.  Take note, typical card recipients! You are not forgotten!


Single or childless friends often observe our life and muse to me that they will be so happy when they too join the ranks of parenthood.  I usually feel a little scrutinized by these particular people, and either consciously or unconsciously, try to put on my happiest mommy-face and play up the percentage of time when parenting is not hard, thankless or tiring.  I've often wanted to write about how contentedness and happiness in parenting are something you achieve, not something that just happens when you're blessed with "the best kids ever."  But.... Matt Walsh does it better:

He says:
Happy? Your kids won’t make you happy. The only thing your kids will make you, turn you into, and force you to be (at least biologically speaking) is a parent. Happy is your responsibility.
Love! Truth!


Another gooder I read this week on what we tell our kids about Santa.  I didn't think about this too much last year, with Patrick not being exposed to Santa too much, and Carter being only 1.  But this year, oh the debate! I liked this article though. It closely aligns with my perspective - though I don't think that parents who choose not to pretend that Santa comes to their home on Christmas Eve are, as the article says "stripping the fun," from the lives of their kids.

I've really enjoyed people's thoughts on this "issue", so if you want to throw yours my way, I'd love to know!


I love that Jen talked a lot about weather this week. It has been the bane my my existence for the entirety of this pregnancy.  I'm a Spring/Autumn person through and through. Which translates to loving temperatures between 15 and 20 C.  I'm also an extra-warm pregnant person, so through the summer, with temperatures above 20, I was feeling more like 30 and d-y-i-n-g. Throw any humidity at me and I'm very unhappy. People who don't live in my part of Canada are like "You're ridiculous." But I know that.

Right now, it's -20 and my house is sitting at a comfortable-for-me 18. My family is frozen unless they wear slippers and sweaters all the time.  Bonus of winter pregnancy I guess: I'm always warm enough.


Patrick and Carter at Joseph's aunt's place.

Speaking of winter though, it has us cooped up inside a lot. There has been no back-yard time (translate: coffee and crossword time for mom) for the boys, since October. Why? My kids are wimpy when it comes to cold. I can bundle them up to go out, but it lasts an infuriatingly short amount of time. It is just not worth taking 10 minutes to get them fully dressed for the cold when the yield is only 10 minutes to myself before they get, as Carter says, "Doo. Much. Winter!"


I finished the Harry Potter series last night.  I read the last book in 3 days as you could probably tell from the state of my house. And now I have the same feeling I did when I finished The Lord of the Rings - an emptiness that stems from the knowledge that there is no more after this.

When I read good fiction I find myself incredibly attached to the characters within. I miss them when their stories end.  I liked the ending of the Potter books a lot - so no dissatisfaction there, but now what?  Will there be another series that I like as much? I hate when I don't have a book to read - and lately I've been diving into the fantasy realm. Any suggestions along those lines?

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