Thursday, December 12, 2013

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 13

More, less random (?) takes at Conversion Diary.


My whining as of late: 
"I just want this baby OUUUT!"

2 weeks till the due date, but I'm cynical about it since both boys went 41 weeks, six days, and both needed some outside intervention finally get out...

I keep telling myself to trust my body.  My midwife said yesterday I just might have the "slow cooker version", and that's ok. 

However, I've been having talks with this child o' mine, and would dearly like to meet him by Christmas. 

Patience is the darnedest thing...


This happened this week: 

Husband went out with a friend to get this.  Clearly my 8.5 month pregnant self was not up for the trek into the woods with two toddlers.  When he moved it in it was a lovely surprise.


Joseph's company Christmas party is tonight, so I get to play hostess... To a bunch of dudes and possibly two girlfriends and one wife. Is it weird that I could care less what these guys think of my cooking and home, but I'm totally freaked of these three possible female attendees judging me?  
I scrubbed my bathtub... Like they'll be looking in the bathtub. 
As I look around my house, I'm thinking the only answer is to ply them with wine. Lots and lots of wine. 


I really hate tacky Christmas decorations.  Fake greenery is not my thing.  My husband seems to have a penchant for it however, so though I mercilessly tease him about it, I leave it up as a marital compromise.  This is my front door:

Yeah.  Joseph began humming the lines of "The Grinch" when I tried to react as though this doesn't look like Whoville resurrected.  

But what can I do? I love that man.


Carter is having a rough day.  All he wants to do is be beside me.  But with party food to prepare, little grabby hands are not helping.  I let him eat pineapple and oranges and cheese for lunch.  We'll see how that turns out later.  Thank goodness he's potty trained. 


Little known facts about Joseph:

My husband and his sister could recite to you the movie "Holiday Inn" in it's entirety. 

He loved "Peanuts" as a kid, and even built himself a little Snoopy house when he was six or seven.  It sits under our tree each year:


How awesome is it that Pope Francis is Time's person of the year!

I suspect it's a bit of a media trend to love him, but that's my cynical journalist talking.  He won them over by being awesome in the first place.

I really enjoy it when my non-Catholic friends post and talk about him.  It feels a bit like we're moving away from that media-hated version of the Church and towards the truth of it's beauty.

That's my extremely brief two cents.  

Enjoy your pink-candled weekend friends! 


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