Friday, January 3, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 16

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I'm in the ultrasound clinic... That's right. This gigantic baby is still residing in my belly. 41 weeks and 3 days.

I naively thought, despite my other two sons' later arrivals that this one might be different, but alas... Here I am explaining to medical professionals that my body is a slow cooker in a microwave world.  

Today I fully expect to be told that this baby is in the 9-10 lb range and that his head circumference is large. Bah-ha-ha.  This will do a lot for my case of mounting post-date anxiety.


On the bright side: Joseph provided me with delicious coffee.

And.... 1 hour and 23 minutes later, (because apparently rookie ultrasound techs need to learn on "post-date" women), I am told everything is looking good and that indeed I was close in my 10 lb prediction.  


I finished the mattress and bedding for a beautiful cradle Joseph built for our boy:

We'd been using a secondhand bassinet for our newborns before, but I wanted something that would rock.  Joseph surprised me with this on Christmas Day. Now we just need this baby to come sleep here!


Among other things Joseph has been building around the house, he was asked to build a casket for his uncle who died recently after fighting cancer.

It is the fourth casket he has built, and the third for a family member.  His first was for my Dad.

Some people are really creeped out by caskets and really, the whole idea of death and the logistics of burial.  

I have witnessed a bit of a ministry in my husband though, and some therapeutic properties in the action of building these final resting places for the bodies of our loved ones.

In the act of planing and sanding and assembling, Joseph had done something tangible to grieve and help his family to grieve.  He builds caskets with compassion and love, and while building them, he can't help but to contemplate the deceased person themselves.

It's a powerful thing to witness.  It brings out a solemn reverence in Joseph that I rarely see.  

I know it's weird, but I've never been prouder of anything he's built.  It's more personal and filled with meaning I suppose.

The funeral for his uncle was today, and we had to miss it because of my ultrasound.  I am really sad about that.  I pray he rests well with the Father.


I've been so in my head about this baby that I've been searching out ways to distract myself.  The book "Dad Is Fat" by Jim Gaffigan came in my holds pile just in time.  Totally hilarious.  

I'm sure since I started as. 359th on the holds list most people have read it before me, but in case you haven't, pick it up.


Uhhhh. I'm sorry, unless you want to hear more baby rambling and whining, I have nothing.  So I'll cut myself off while you still like me. 

Enjoy the weekend!

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  1. The cradle is beautiful and made by his daddy makes it even more so. I will pray for an easy delivery soon for you. Long ago the 2 I gave birth to were around 15 days late and 7 days late. The 15 day late one was born on a Saturday there was an induction scheduled for Monday. Both were over 10lb girls but not awful deliveries. I still remember being over 9 months pregnant and wanting to cry if anyone even started to ask me when the baby was/had been due.


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