Friday, February 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 20

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I changed the name of my blog.  It used to be "Just Stand There Then" because... well... I named it that after I had a bit of a rude and obnoxious moment in 2008.  I wanted to remember that moment and blog about it a bit, stating why it's a good title and what it says about me.  Long story short, it says NOTHING about who I am today.  I'm not rude. I'm not that girl anymore.

"Things I Won't Apologize For," is really the essence of this blog.  
Only the good and real stuff goes here.  It's what my life and my journey are all about.  I won't apologize for the things I write here - because they're my ramblings about becoming who I am, or who I will be. Make sense?


In less than 24 hours, my son's 4th Birthday party will begin.  Am I ready? Not in the least.

I got a start by making the kids pick up all their toys in the living room so that I could re-arrange it and make it more conducive to being an indoor race-track for our games tomorrow.  Then I stopped. Because it was 8 a.m. and the kids will likely need to play with toys at some point today and till the party starts tomorrow, so that was pointless. Not to mention making an indoor race track in the living room is just ridiculous. It's too much work for too little a space, and kids running around indoors on my slippery floor is just a hazard.

Welcome to sanity Jessica!


My battle for birthday-party sanity continues....

Now, the kid in question REALLY wants a race car cake.  A strawberry-flavored race car cake.
I love a cake challenge, and I'm sure I can make a cake shaped like a race car.  But I'm nursing a baby for half the day, and the other half of the day is to be filled with other essentials, like getting making for the other kids and dealing with their bathroom issues.  I don't have the extra 3 hours.

So plan B: It may just be a sheet cake with a couple of his own (washed) race cars on top and a cocoa-race track.  I kind of like making cakes though, so I might out-do that idea and realize half-way through that I've bitten off more than I can chew. I did that last year, staying up till midnight making a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  I also did it for two friend's baby showers (Peter Rabbit out of homemade fondant, and rose cupcakes)

I keep trying to remember that overwhelmed feeling I had in the middle of the night, looking at my half-finished creations, and channel it so that I stick to the simplest thing.


It's 4 p.m. and I've done nothing to prep for tomorrow's party except spend way too much money on stuff for the party.

Oh, and taking the kids to the store, only to find my wallet was not with me (I'd left it in the stroller), and driving 15 minutes back home to get it took up a huge chunk of time.

THEN I completely caved at the dollar store and let the boys get these $4 toy back-hoes that I'm pretty sure will be broken tomorrow.  I did this because a. It was past nap-time by the time we got to the dollar store and they were tired, and less able to cope with me marching them back to the shelf to put them back, and b. I was at the checkout and just wanted to go home.


Confession. I hate icing. Hate... so if I make icing, it's usually cream cheese icing ($$$) or THIS light, lovely recipe, because I actually want to partake of the cake I'm making.


I love getting snail mail, and apparently Patrick thinks it is the cat's meow too:
He was so excited to get a card from his Godparents that I had to take a picture.


I really can't believe Lent is so soon.
But usually this girl just realizes it's Lent ON Ash Wednesday, so I'm doing well this year to be thinking about it.

I'm mulling over a fast and an addition this lent, but tell me, is fasting specifically for weight loss, and adding exercise, which will really just benefit me in the end, a true Lenten sacrifice?

Here's the thing - I have never been thin and I've always struggled to shed pounds. I'm also a huge comfort eater. So stress (like, I don't know, pregnancy, having a baby, being up at night with nursing and toddler needs) tells me to eat things like chocolate and croissants (and chocolate croissants mmmm) and get the 2% latte with whipped... you get the idea.

I caught my reflection in the church bathroom mirror the other day though and thought, not that I'm ugly, because I don't think that, really, but that I just don't look healthy.

I know health is something I should look after anyway, but I feel like making it a Lenten promise, and adding God in the mix with a prayerful approach will help a lot. Thoughts?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 19

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My newborn is a one-month-old!

I might just be suffering some lack-of-sleep delirium, but it is a bit unreal to me that we've had our Zachary in the outside world for a month already.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that newborn life means mama gets very few things done, so the tasks-time ratio makes the month feel like a week.  

I feel like I should have a sign on my door that says "Before you enter this disgusting dwelling, take into account that the housekeeper births 10 lb. babies that spend 75% of the day eating."

I vacuumed while nursing people.  I mean, you can do lots of things while nursing, but I kind of prefer not to schlep the baby around while he's nursing - but the situation with the floor was just that bad.


My first-born is almost 4!
AND the 22nd, which is Patrick's birthday, is a Saturday! Bonus!
So we're planning a small shindig.  I'm keeping him busy making his own party decoratioens and we're counting down on the calendar.

I so wish I could throw a Pinterest-worthy party for him, complete with cake-pops that look like construction machines, but I'm nursing ALL THE TIME.  That's my excuse.

Bahaha... That's a lie.
If I wanted to do it, I'd do the Pinterest thing, I mean, I can vacuum and nurse, so why not make cake? What I really think is that kids are happy with whatever kind of party or celebration you give them, as long as it's even just a little exciting.

Case and point. For Carter's second birthday, we had his godfather and his girlfriend over for supper. We ate cake. He loved it.


Usually I have photos from the week to accompany these 7QT posts - but through some unfortunate circumstances, involving a grocery run too near to bed-time, a baby that needed to nurse (again), and my husband thinking I'd observed something I hadn't (read: him putting my phone on the checkout while I was punching in my PIN to pay for groceries amidst chaos), my beloved iPhone is gone.

AND...That's where the photos come from, because I can't risk having my actual camera in the presence of toddlers.

I'm really sad about my phone.  And humanity.

Haha, you're like, "What? Where did that come from?"

Let me explain: I'm sad about my losing my phone because of a lot of the photos depicting our life from the last year and a half are on it. And, because I'm ridiculously inept and did not set up the Find My iPhone, OR back those pictures up regularly, they are likely to not come back.

Now, I'm sad about the state of humanity because I'm the kind of person who'd try to return a phone if I found it. Most of the people I know are this type of person. So the fact that it didn't get taken to customer service by either the cashier or some fellow shopper, makes me sad. Or maybe it did, and the customer service people are dishonest.  Who knows?

Still praying for St. Anthony's help on this one.


I'll title this: How Losing My Phone Made Me Love My Babies More

If I'm totally honest - The ease of access to social media that the iPhone offered me was a great help, as well as a hindrance to my family's wellbeing.

While nursing for hours and hours, I could look up recipes, organize our life with the calendar, correspond with family and friends, and of course, blog...

Conversely, I could also, ignore my 2- and 4-year-old, waste time and create worry by googling things like, "Baby really hungry enough to nurse for 18 hours a day?", or "2-week-old infant AND pooping", or "Signs of mastitis, and I could make myself crazy by scrolling through Facebook reading every single thing people are posting.

I've been without it for 2 days - and I'm actually seeing better behavior from the boys, and getting a tiny bit more done, oh and my Chesterton reading has gone WAY up.


Have I done one take without mentioning nursing?
Well - it really is my life right now - so I'll link back here to a post I wrote about covering up while nursing, and my newfound desire not to do so.

There's a ton of great posts and articles about not covering, and I'm not one to flaunt the fact that I'm nursing in situations like Mass, or when people who might be uncomfortable are around, but this was just my take on nursing covers in particular.


A friend posted this today. If you don't mind fart humour and you need a laugh, here you go!
I've read it before, but it still got me laughing that good-ab-workout laugh.


Like birth stories? I posted about Zachary's birth a little while ago. Just in case you wanted to know.

Have a great weekend lovely readers!