Friday, March 7, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 21

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I had a terrible dream last night that my beloved Joseph asked me for a divorce.  Over ice cream. When I asked him to give me a reason, or go to counseling with me, or try to fix it at all, he said no, he was moving out that night. I woke up flabbergasted. Not to mention that ice cream would have been ruined for me forever.

Just so you know, Joseph reassured me that this dream is nowhere close to reality.  Sweet, lovely man.

It has been rough being married to me this past month.  I caught a cold almost a month ago and either I've been infected and re-infected several times, or the same old cold is just hanging on.  Either way, it has just not been fun.  Not only did this cold (or, the first one rather) ruin our plans for our 5th Anniversary on February 14th, but it also has me (embarrassingly enough) snoring. So poor husband goes off to the couch almost every night for some shut-eye.

The two older boys have also been sickies, and now... the baby.  I've never had a sick baby. Carter and Patrick didn't get sick till they were over age 1.

I had baby Zach checked out yesterday and he's fine - it really is just a sniffly nose and irritated throat, but having never even dealt with that in a young babe, it has me hyper-vigilant and paranoid about croup, RSV, whooping cough, pneumonia... I'm Googling symptoms every hour and driving myself a little crazy.

Zach is still a cheerful fellow though, despite his goobery state, and growing like crazy.  Whose two-month-old is 14.5 lbs? Right here!  I apparently can only produce giant children.


Last QT I talked about Patrick's 4th Birthday party, which turned out to be lovely.  Here are some highlights:

Note to self: Sparklers are scary to boys who've just become educated about fire safety.
Blowing out candles.

Further note to self: Pinatas don't work for toddler parties.
In the longest piñata game EVER, we let the dads have a go
to bust this almost-indestructible dollar-store piñata.
It took 20 minutes.


Did you check out that cake up there? Strawberry race cars on a strawberry cake with whipped cream cream cheese icing. So delicious.

Here's the strawberry cake recipe. It's definitely a make-again.



I'd be completely proud of myself if I did this 40 bags in 40 days during lent.
Hop over to White House, Black Shutters to read further, but basically it's cleaning up 40 areas of the house.

Now, I'm the queen of clutter and chronically messy and I'm prone to stashing stuff to deal with later.

This is the one thing my husband would love to change about me, but alas...

It has followed me from childhood. Just ask my mother.


Cute little somethings:

Me: "Why are you following me, I just came down here to throw in the laundry and I'll be back up in 2 seconds!"
Patrick: "I.. I just like you. (shrug) That's all."

Mwah! Love him. He totally got a hug and a smooch for that one.

Carter: "Mom, I need a snack"
Me: "Would you like some raisins?"
Carter: "Yeah! And chocwit chips."
Me: "Uh... chocolate chips aren't that good for your body sweetpea, so how 'bout just raisins."
Carter: "No. Chocwit chips good for my mouf!"

He has a point. I totally caved because he's a smarty-pants.


A little Chesterton:

"There are saints in my religion, but that just means men who really know that they are sinners."

This quote was actually in a reflection I read yesterday.  It stood out to me as a great theme for my Lent. More on that later perhaps, because I'm still mulling it over in my mind.

Have a lovely weekend!

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