Saturday, March 22, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 22

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Short version:
Blogger angst, baby growth, more blogger angst, middle child angst, random thought, body angst and a few cute pictures to get you through all the angst.


I have this thought whenever I sit down to blog that I should be writing something more important than my musings about the goings on of my little life.  As a writer... well, more of a graduate from a journalism program who has one internship and a smattering of freelance pieces under her belt, I always feel like everything I write needs to be pure gold. Like each word needs to be soaked in and enjoyed by the reader like it's Tolkien or Shakespeare or even Robert Munsch.

But my life with three little boys  doesn't really allow for a lot of uninterrupted time to write the next great novel or even a children's book.  I have 4 children's book ideas mapped out and partially written in a file on my computer, and I intend to complete them and seek out publishing. At some point it will be more than just a hobby of mine.

Which brings me to now... I am sitting down to blog about life once again, and everything I write will be about what it is like to be me.  I'd appreciate some feedback on whether or not I'm capturing the adventure that is my life for you.  What would you readers like to hear about? 


Baby update:
Zachary is growing and growing. Latest weigh is 14.5 lbs. Not bad for 2.5 months right?
I might have said before that I love tiny babies... and I don't have them. They've been born 10 lbs, and they don't fit newborn clothes for longer than a week. It's my petty ridiculous sorrow, because kids grow fast anyway, and my time with the tininess is so limited.
Partial yawn. Double chin... I love funny baby faces.


I've decided to resurrect Mommy-Wise Mondays.  This is a series of posts I began last year, and I got stuck.  I got stuck interviewing a woman who'd suffered from post-partum depression.  She was amazing and had an amazing story, but in the end, she didn't want to see it on the Internet, even without her real name.  She figured her connection to me, since I blog as myself and not anonymously, might out her to some people in her life whom she felt compelled for one reason or another not to tell. 

I have no issue with her decision, but that discouraged me a little in my quest to get anecdotal advice from real moms on real issues out to the world via my little blog.  Then I got pregnant, and morning sickness took over my life.

I didn't want to just talk in the series about something widely discussed, like baby food or cloth vs. disposable diapers... I wanted to tackle something hard and difficult that got to the heart of something serious that affects moms like me.  I wanted to get down and dirty in personal experiences and write something that had profound impact. I failed, not just a little bit, which you will know if you read those measly posts, but maybe now, I'm in a position to innovate.

Find out on Monday how that goes - because I've got a little story of my own to start it off again.


Big brother love.

Time to unload some of my mom-guilt.
I have three boys and above you can see the youngest and oldest.  Poor little Carter was off in a time-out when this one was taken. 
Carter is a huge concern of mine, because as the middle child, he seems to get passed over. He isn't vocal enough to assert himself to get his needs like Patrick, and he isn't tiny like Zachary whose needs, though they are simple, occur often and need to be dealt with more immediately.
His age (2.5) is also a hard one sometimes because he's still very much in need of me to be close to him. 

I suppose I'm doing my best to juggle the three - but when Carter is the only one not dressed at the end of the day, which has happened a few times, I can't help but beat myself up a little.
My sweet Carter.

Random happening and musing:

We're into the movie Planes lately. As much as it's driving me nuts, it really is a great movie for kids and adults.  There's a neat story behind the mentor plane, WWII navy fighter-jet Skipper Riley: His character is based on the creator's father - who loved airplanes and flew in the navy. 

I suppose this isn't super-extraordinary, but here's why it matters to me: My own dad was into planes, cars, bikes, trucks... and I am an aspiring children's book author.  I've based characters on my own dad - capturing features of his personality in a farm truck, for example, and I found it beautiful and somewhat soothing to find that the same thing happened in the case of Planes.


Body angst + victory:
I decided to work out Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to give my post-partum body a little beating back into a shape (other than round in the wrong places), and I ordered this SoulCore Workout DVD a couple weeks ago. So... uh... RECOMMEND! 

I'm busy.  I prayed the rosary AND got a workout at the beginning of today.  They only have the Joyful Mysteries so far, but I'll take what I can get.


Ah Friday of Lent.... I really only cook three meatless meals, (aside from salmon or some kind of white fish which we rarely buy because I haven't worked it into our food budget):

Vegetarian Chili, Tuna Casserole and Quiche... 

But I'm thinking next Friday I'll mix it up a little and make this Vegetarian Korma.  We love Indian food around here (yes, the kids even eat it), and I don't experiment nearly enough with those lovely spices. The rest of the blog is worth a look too.

He's grabbing already! I love watching him grow.


  1. I saw your post from Jen's. Most importantly, your boys are A-dor.a.ble! But also, though my kids are mostly not kids anymore, I identify with what you wrote here. I write about my life over at my blog, also as myself, and candidly tell about all the many trials/hardships/bouts of depression, but also all the graces and my faith journey, as a convert. I would totally be game for an interview, if you are interested. For background, I have four posts labeled Salvation history that tell my story.
    I like reading day-in-the-life posts, especially by more writer-ly types. :)
    Oh, and I also had 10 pound babies. The cheeks on your youngest bring it all back.

    1. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I'd love to interview you sometime for my series, or perhaps, if you had time to do a guest post, simply let you tell your own story and impart some wisdom that way.
      I read your Salvation history posts and was very moved! I'll be in touch.
      Good to "meet" you and God Bless!


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