Friday, March 28, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 23

More amazing blogger adventures at Jen's (I completely agree with her on elephant-tranquilizers while flying btw).

Short version: Blogging woes and nice things, my need for another brain, my sad workout solution, ode to my espresso machine, a great post from someone else, brother and husband love.

Blogging failure + victory:

I said I was resurrecting Mommy-Wise Mondays. Well, Monday came and went and I did not post my post to kick it off again. BUT - I did get a comment from Kelly at A Mom for Life, offering her wisdom sometime. As you'll see from her quick takes, she is full of mom-experience and probably just the perfect person to impart some mommy-wisdom to young upstarts like me (and you?). 
This Monday, it will happen. I wrote it on my calendar in red.

Let me know if you have any anecdotal life-lessons you think are valuable mommy-wisdom, and we'll talk about a guest post or interview.


Lamenting over my need for technology:

I may have mentioned awhile back that I lost my iPhone. Well, the ramifications are still coming up. That thing held my entire life! I used the calendar to remind myself of appointments, get-togethers,  tasks, and I could remind myself days or hours ahead so that I'd have plenty of time to prepare and be on time.  It was my second brain!

Now, I'm stuck with writing things down on a calendar that I forget to look at. A calendar that doesn't buzz and ding at me to remind me of things. 

I have become a little less dependant on having social media at my fingertips 24/7 in losing my phone, but on little sleep and surrounded by constant toddler and baby noise, I really could use some help here. In highschool I wrote things on my hands... so if I don't purchase a new smartphone (and live without my buffer in the grocery budget), it may come to that. I'll just be the crazy woman in the store holding up her hand saying, "Is that an D or an O? Curse you constant hand-washing!"


I'm finding it really hard with the endless winter and 2-month-head-cold, not to mention child needs, to beat the baby-weight (plus a little extra) off my body. Then on Wednesday I turned on the T.V. at 8 a.m., and lo-and-behold, the solution:


Bo on the Go is incredibly annoying. However - the boys actually love it. They do the running on the spot, the jumping, the stretching and get even more enthusiastic if I do it with them.

I actually put effort into it and got a decent workout with the added bonus of helping the boys expend some of their pent-up little-boy energy.

Desperate times people, desperate times.


I thought I loved coffee before I had a third baby. Now that third baby Zachary is here, I L-O-V-E coffee. It's to the point where I wake up and the first thing I think about is coffee, particularly espresso.  A bunch of friends got together after I had Zachary and bought me $50-worth of Starbucks cards, but when I am not already out, I use this:

Not a Tassimo or Keurig... just an old-fashioned espresso machine.
We bought this for $15 at Value Village a few years ago when people began abandoning making their own lattes and cappuccinos by hand. Kind of like when the ringer-washer went out of style - You know, because you actually have to scoop espresso into the little cup yourself. What an inconvenience.

Anyway, in case you're interested, my go-to "recipe" is to measure out enough fresh-ground espresso to make a double shot into 1 1/4 cups of steamed skim or 1% or almond-milk and a tbsp. of honey and a little bit of vanilla.  This is my sanity-potion, the elixir of life, and something I did not give up for Lent because I really believe that caffeine makes me a better mother.


This post from Jenny at Mama Needs Coffee.

I read it over and over on Tuesday, which is exactly the day I needed to read it. Some days you just want to sell the kids and move to Hawaii. That was the day. Read the post for better context and a great perspective on having a life-giving attitude.


It's a special relationship that brothers have. One that I haven't experienced, being a woman and all. I often think of a few families with a bunch of boys and look at those relationships - that best-friends-and-enemies-for-life relationship that brothers seem to have. I look forward to watching these little guys grow and evolve personality-wise and see where they end up in relation to each other. 

One third-in-line boy we know actually said "my condolences to the baby" when Zachary was newer.  Apparently being a third brother was hard.  However, this young man is very much what I'd like Zachary to be like one day, so it can't have been bad for him to be #3.

Patrick, imparting toddler wisdom to Zach.


Joseph is a fantastic dad to our kids.  I've been thinking lately about what a steep learning curve it's been.  Before Patrick, Joseph had never changed a diaper and had held a baby rarely.  He never baby-sat or took care of little kids, and has really been thrust into it three-fold in the last 4 years.
As I was going through some old pictures, I was reminded that he does an awesome job.

Almost 2 years ago!

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  1. I completely identify with the need for at least one good eye opening cup of coffee upon waking. I don't drink a lot of coffee, but I Must. Have. some in the morning. Your espresso recipe sounds heavenly. And looks pretty darn good, too.

    Only two of my seven are boys. And I have a grandson. I have found boys to be much more straightforward. Girls can tend to be, well, complicated. But I tell my girls I would never have it any other way. They have become some of my best friends!

    I laughed about how you found a way to exercise with what was at hand, and then later, there is a picture of your husband mowing. For me, the two things overlap. I once lived on a farm, and had a lovely, large, and very lush lawn. The landlord lived across the driveway, and required the lawn be meticulously kept. We only had a push mower. so, voila, instant exercise! I would move the baby around in a pack and play as I worked my way around the yard. Your version sounds a little more fun, though.

    I share your husband appreciation. My husband and I have been married seven years. I came with my seven kids, and was twice divorced. Sounds attractive to a bachelor, huh? He went from zero to sixty on May 13th, 2006. We were not an easy family to assimilate into, but we believe it gave him an opportunity to step in and support the kids, who had previously only known instability and volatility. The post you linked to by Jenny made me think of how our kids provide us with that very important built-in opportunity to sacrifice something every day. :) I mean that in the best way.

    Good fathers are becoming a rare thing in our time, to our great detriment. So, God bless yours and mine, and may Saint Joseph strengthen all men, and restore fatherhood.


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