Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I must take a break from blogging

I don't know how many people regularly check up on my blog, but I've deemed it necessary to explain that no, I didn't die, get a terminal illness or have anything happen to me.

I just need a little break.

I need to sort out some things in my life - from closets that haven't been cleaned since we moved to our home, to whether or not to re-enter the workforce.

I've got a baby to nurse and two other little guys to keep out of trouble, plus a house still in mid-renovation, and of course, a husband to love and spend time with.

It's not that I don't want to blog. In fact, basically whenever anything happens I think, "I should write a post about X," and then I begin a post, but don't finish it, because I've got too many other things going on. 

What I do want is for this blog to be good.  I want to update you on the happenings around here and sometimes tap out some deep thoughts - but I also need to balance that with being wife, mom, friend and whoever else I am.

It's pretty easy to write about my life while sitting in my pj's, but in my Lenten exploration of self, I've realized one thing: I'm not living the way I want to

I want to be fully dressed and in the midst of a somewhat organized and relatively peaceful life, not telling the kids they need to wait for me to finish blogging so I can get them socks from the dryer.  The socks should be in drawers already, know what I mean?

I have made blogging an escape from the reality that I'm not doing what I really should be doing to be satisfied.  I know, that's pretty vague, but there are too many specifics to go into. Whole other posts could be written about them. 

So I'm putting my blog on hold.  No more escapes.  I'll be just living for awhile.

So, dear friends, till next time.

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