Sunday, June 22, 2014

Answer Me This: First-ever

Linking up with Kendra at Catholic All Year for "Answer Me This".

1. When's the last time you got a new bathing suit?

3 years ago. 
I've worn it 5 times since then, so at that rate I will have it for 25 years before it starts to wear out.

Swimming and I don't have a great relationship. Aside from my body insecurities, I have an intolerance to chlorinated pools - something in the chemical mixture makes my skin dry and rashy. I swim in oceans, lakes and rivers just fine - but not living near a desirable body of water makes it a rare occurrence.

2. Who made the last incoming call on your phone?

Normally I would default to my husband or my mom, but I checked and was pleasantly surprised that it was my friend Sara. 

I'm not great at phoning people, so nobody seems to call me either.  I text my friends for play dates so that phones ringing don't wake babies or disturb naps and I guess it's also because I can quickly say what I want to say without obligatory small talk.  

Such an introvert am I. Perhaps I'd find myself having better friendships if I took up calling people once in awhile.

3. If you receive communion, do you receive it on the hands or on the tongue.

I've done both. Currently I'm an in-hand reciever.

My First Communuion was in-hand, and I always go back to that, hands flat, left over right (unless I'm holding a baby), and I make sure to clearly say "Amen."

I do this because it seems confusing for those serving to place it on the tongue because they're used to the in-hand method.  I don't think they'd balk too much at it, but I also don't want to draw attention away from the Eucharist by being the odd woman out. 

It's the same reason we don't kneel at the consecration when we're in a parish that doesn't. We want others to focus on Jesus, not on us.

4. Do you have a tattoo?

No, and I probably never will.
I almost got a tattoo in remembrance of my Dad, who died in 2011. It would have been something like this: 

But much smaller (2 inches) and incorporating wheat somehow. 

Then, as I was going to make the call to book it, I thought to myself, "Wait a minute, why would I get a tattoo to remember someone who thought tattoos were ridiculous and unnecessary?"

I stick to the temporary ones my kids get at birthday parties. 

5. How many dinner plates are in your house?

20, and they're Corelle. I wanted to register for some beautiful stoneware, but Joseph already had been given these plates from his mom, so ever the practical couple, we registered for things like a vaccuum and an iron and a sewing machine instead.

6. Do you have an accent?

Yes. I'm a Canadian from Alberta so I have a prairie accent, which is hard to explain. But I don't say "a-boot" for about, that's more of an Eastern Canada or Ontarian thing - but I'm sure there are Easterners and Ontarians who would debate me there. I also find Ontarians more nasal-sounding, and Newfoundlanders and Maritimers have a bit of a faster rhythm in their speech.

I do say "eh?" But not a lot (I think).

When I lived in Scotland eight years ago, most people just assumed I was American if they heard me speak, but the odd few told me that Canadian accents sounded a bit "softer" than American accents they heard on T.V. 

It's relative to where you are, eh?

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  1. "It's the same reason we don't kneel at the consecration when we're in a parish that doesn't. We want others to focus on Jesus, not on us."

    I like this a lot! My husband and I struggled briefly with our parish only doing it in hand when we felt, as very new Catholics with all that vigor, that it was only right to do it that way. We had read about other people that refused to receive communion any way but on the tongue and/or kneeling but that just didn't ring true for us. Pride and all that. I love the way you put it. Right on!


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