Friday, June 27, 2014

Seven Quick Takes: Vol. 24

Linking up with Jen today:

These will be muy rapido, because I'm actually packing to go to this conference and need to get it done before the baby is done.



Once upon a time, an awkward teenaged girl went to a Catholic conference.  Year after year she'd go, meet friends, praise God (unfortunately, in that order), pine after teenaged boys, and tolerate her family.  With each passing year, the priorities of the girl changed. This conference became a yearly spiritual pilgrimage where God came first, family second, and those teenaged boys? Men with families. The girl also met a lovely husband and now they bring their growing brood to the very same place. 

I reminisce about the changes in my life every time I return to the pilgrimage site where the conference is held. It's also a place I remember my Dad being happiest before he died, so that's something, though it'll never be quite the same.  It'll be the 4th year that I'll need to have a little cry about it. 

But God did such wonderful things for my family and I here, so I'm thankful and we'll keep going back.



Used to be my sister's.  It was in a pile to donate to charity, but my boys decided it was the perfect toy.  They play with their cars in it.  Essentially they're playing dolls, but with exciting themes like "Carter is the firetruck rescuing the racecar from the huge fire" or "We captured a monster and now we will cut off its head."


This baby:

Is so huge. Not yet six months old and Zachary is 22 lbs.  I have an ache in my arms and back if I hold him for more than 20 minutes, which is more of a testament to my fitness level, or lack thereof.  It's still ridiculous that he's so huge.  I wish I could go back and tell my past self when I had issues breastfeeding that I'd eventually nurse giant Zachary into being.


The World Cup.

My sons witnessed the biting incident by  Uruguay player Luis Suarez on  the news the other night.  

"An opportunity to discuss sportsmanship with my sons," I thought.

But before I said anything, Patrick turned to me and said,
"Mom, you shouldn't bite in soccer, it will hurt your teeth." 
Carter added, "Dat guy bited! He needs to say sorry!"

So aside from Patrick being less concerned with the bitten party than the biter's teeth, I'd say CBC news did a fairly good job portraying the values to them. 

How much they actually absorbed from the news is something to also take note of (For me. Parenting stuff, you know).


Etiquette scruple:

I had two friends over yesterday, despite packing to leave this morning for our little pilgrimage, and during our visit, folded Mount Laundry, which I had saved for their visit so that I could efficiently use the time I'd normally just use making tea and cooing at babies.  I saw no other alternative, considering I wanted to see the ladies, one of whom is moving away soon, and the other whom lives across the country, but I also had to get the familiy's clothes ready to pack.

Was this a faux-pas in the mommy-date world?     


Sorry for the bad photo. This is my attempt at redoing the upholstery and curtains in the trailer we acquired (for free!) to use for camping.  It was previously 1971 Orange, and a little worn, so I updated it. 


Sewing with three kids underfoot goes like this:

1. Lay out fabric.
2. Explain to 4- and 2-year-olds what the fabric is for. Tell them yes, they can watch but they must not step on the fabric, eat or drink over the fabric or touch the fabric with Nutella hands.
3. Give the baby a toy. 
4. Begin to iron out the fabric.
5. Two minutes later, acquiesce the requests for sustenance. 
6. Send the big boys outside for their snack. 
7. Return dropped toy to the baby.
8. Measure out and begin cutting the fabric. 
9. Nurse the baby, put him down for his nap.
10. Pin the cut fabric. Turn sewing machine on.
11. Explain to the 4-year-old that hitting is never acceptable. Comfort 2-year-old
12. Sew for 3 minutes. 
13. Baby awakes. Change diaper.

And on it goes...
I got 4 of the six cushions done this week, the curtains done last week, and left the other two cushions 1971 orange, to be done at a later date.

We are off to get a hit of Catholicism for the weekend, I hope yours is just as lovely. 

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  1. Sewing with kids underfoot is hard!
    And no way was that a mommy-date faux pas!


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