Friday, May 29, 2015

Seven Quick Takes: In which I promise to blog again for you 4 loyal readers.

Joining Kelly for the first time in forever to quick take. Check em' out.


I've been MIA for many reasons, so first of all, sorry if you've missed me.
Second, it's my 29th birthday today, and in the midst of having a pretty normal day, I've been reflecting on what I'd like the last year of my 20's to look like.  Since I actually really love blogging, despite all appearances around here, more blogging is on the agenda!
I'm also going to change the appearance of my blog, because this flowery weird thing going on is a bit busy, no? But since I'm terrible with doing this techy type of stuff in blogger, don't expect anything too spectacular.


Another thing I hope to accomplish in this last year of my 20's is: Dah-dah-dah-dah! Having another baby!
We are not going to be silly enough to give out a due date this time because... all three of our boys.
Lets just leave it vague and say I hope to be laid-up, snuggling a little squish in November sometime.

That's 4 kids before age 30. That has to be some kind of accomplishment in mothering.  Maybe I'll see it that way when I'm a young, svelte, 50 and my youngest has left home (or I have 3 more kids to get through high school?) and I still have all my faculties.

This first 3 months has been the hardest of all my pregnancies.  2 weeks in I was barely making it to the couch each day on a diet of water, juice, crackers and Lifesavers.  During this time, I thought I might as well do the only thing a Catholic woman can really do with her suffering: offer it up.

So, I thought of all the women I know who are waiting to have babies, or who have babies in heaven, and all the women I don't know too. It helped me feel grateful, even though I'm just a horrible sufferer. Ask my husband about that.


We've got to pause for some pictures, because the boys are crazy big since I last blogged:

Patrick at the zoo this week.
Carter has the best smile. It never fails to make me happier.
This kid. I do not know what to do about Zachary's hair.
It has never been cut, and it's always sad when it's time to cut my babies' hair.

I was listening to Patrick tell me how "before you were 28, you were 27...." all the way down to 1 on the way to preschool this morning. As he talked, I reflected on a lot of birthday memories. I've had some great birthdays, and some pretty ordinary birthdays.  From the ages of 3 - perhaps 15, I was really stuck on being Queen For the Day, and successfully ruined every single birthday party I had by being sulky and sometimes rude when every single scrap of attention wasn't on me.  My poor family and friends! Sorry guys. I'm much more gracious these days.

Today, I'm feeling blessed by the ordinary things: I have treated myself to doing my OWN laundry before everyone else's. I have a fridge full of delicious food, including a few bite-sized cheesecakes from yesterday's mom's group. My boys are all healthy with nary a runny nose to be seen. It's pyjama day at pre-school, so I didn't have to fight the "get-dressed-this-second-or-I'm-coming-down-there-to-take-your-toys" battle. I got dressed myself, did my hair in a non-fancy mom bun, and put on MASCARA.  

In case you're feeling sorry for me that my family didn't go all out and crazy over me today, Joseph has some sort of birthday surprise planned tomorrow!


As with all special occasions since 2011 - I had to have a little cry because my Dad isn't here to celebrate with me. My dear mom sent me a text saying to imagine him playing "Happy Birthday" on his violin for me, and I had that little moment. But how lovely to think that he might be putting in a good word for me with God on my birthday! I mean, saints on your side can only be a good thing, right!

It was also my parent's anniversary this week (May 26th), and I have been singing this old country song since.

For a little background, my Dad made a video for my grandparent's 40th with this song and I always thought I'd do the same on my parent's 40th. I won't get to, but its sentiment still rings true in my life, and as I age, I actually LIKE the music that used to annoy me when I was a teenager and my Dad insisted that every car trip be filled with bluegrass and country circa 1960.

How wonderful it has been to have parents who showed me how to love one another. In reflecting on how my mom and dad loved each other in little ways throughout the part of their marriage that I witnessed, I've had little lessons on how to be a better wife.  

May 26, 1979


I'm really in favour of practical advice for mothers.  I often think, "If only I had been as connected to great mothering advice from the corners of the world when I had my first baby." Followed closely by, "Who are we kidding? I would still have done really dumb things and worried excessively about everything, but at least I would have heard the words of wisdom!"

This week and last, I read these tidbits of wisdom... so if you're less connected and more under a rock than I, enjoy.

My Number One Parenting Tip - Rosie @ A blog for my mom

I just found this so refreshing. My whole being was like, "YESSSSS", even though a part of me still wonders why on earth my kids go through the phases that they do, and another part of me thinks it's purely to torture me.

Kitchen Table Thoughts on Nursing the Newborn Baby - Auntie Leila @ Like Mother, Like Daughter

Another YES with every fibre of my being. I've witnessed more than one mother-in-law INSIST that the less-than-2-week old baby couldn't possibly need to nurse, and more than one mom just nod, thinking she must know what she's talking about. Well no offense to any mother's-in-law that might read my blog, but you're not right (she's not right, mamas!) and here's a wise woman telling you so!


I am so happy to say that I'm sitting in Joseph's NEW office typing all this. We have a few finishing touches on this office/playroom/laundry room stage of our renovations, like uh... actually moving the washer and dryer and finishing the laundry closet, and a door on this office would keep children, and their offending Lego from encroaching on Dad's space, but the PLAYROOM.

To have all the toys belong in one place is heaven.

Here's a before and after:
After (pre-cleanup, because I totally wanted to show you how utilized the space is)

Well dear readers,
That's all for me this week.  I really do intend to blog more this year about life lessons and good topics and possibly even current topics, so watch for me. We'll have a great blogging blast this last year of my 20's... you know, while I still can.

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