Friday, October 21, 2016

SQT: How is it Friday?

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This weekend I've been promised by my loving husband that I can lay around and watch Netflix and sleep as much as the kids will let me!  So, not as much sleep as I'd like, but I'm still nursing a baby who doesn't really like many foods (He's a fatty though, so my milk must be awesome). I'm only lying around because I'm sick, not for the pure joy of it, but I'll enjoy it as best I can! Recommend me some (Canadian) Netflix! 



We are going on week 4 of someone being some kind of sick in our house. I'm hoping by Christmas (because I'm not an optimist) that all the kids have formed some immunity and we can enjoy a day without some sort of bodily fluid needing attending to. Ew! I know. 
I'm amazed at how many days I've kept the kids home from school. Then when they're well, it's back to the cesspool of bad hygiene and sick kids who have to be there because their parents have to work. Again, another reason to question why I'm not homeschooling.


This is really turning out to be quite negative! Apologies. I'm wracking my brain for something awesome.  A cute photo of Martin will do the trick. He's just about 1! I can't quite believe that. My baby isn't going to be a baby anymore!
The kids are gearing up for another sibling though, and have told people, "When our next baby is born..." which elicits some shocked stares and hasty assurance that no, I'm not currently gestating anybody.  Then comes the awkward, "Are you done?" and all I can do is smile and say, "You never know!" Not that it is anyone's business anyway.


All the election coverage has me avoiding papers, news and to some extent, my own newsfeed on Facebook. Though it has made me realize that my mix of friends is quite politically eclectic, as I'm seeing lots posts from both sides of the spectrum. I'm just so disillusioned at the entire spectacle, but also enraged and sad. My poor little heart can't take much more! "Lord have mercy!" is the thing I'm praying over and over.



These two are getting so big and hilarious. Patrick can read! Carter is making up far-fetched tales (cognitive development here). Patrick can cut up vegetables for me! Carter can feed Martin for me. They're just making me simultaneously proud and a little but crazy with all their growth!


Right right now the "big boys" are gone with their dad to a football game. Because it's unseasonably cold for October, and because I'm not that dedicated to football (call me a fair weather fan - I totally am) I'm staying home with the "little boys". So far it's been a lot of consoling Zachary who didn't get to go due to illness. It's really very sad because he is the one who loves football with Daddy the most.  It's not quite the same with the game on TV, but he's ok with it. 


I'm going to use the time between now and bedtime to iron some quilt fabric (which I bought while pregnant with Martin) and prep it for cutting. I'm bound and determined that one of the "little boys" Christmas presents will be quilts for the bedroom they share! I might be over-ambitious considering the current needy state of Martin, my general lack of quilting knowledge, and the fact that I'm really busy!
But I find sewing so soothing - I need to do it more!

Have a great weekend all! If you just stopped by, I can't promise I'll get more interesting, but I hope you enjoyed just a little bit. 


  1. Ugh! I know what you mean about the political situation. I'm in hiding, too. "Lord, have mercy!" seems to be the best response to where we are now...

  2. #4: I saw someone on Twitter the other day post "I'm getting really scared that someone is going to win this election..."

    And that's about all I'm going to say!


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