Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Runny Noses Prayer

Who doesn't hate runny noses?

I, like countless women, am at that stage of motherhood where my little ones' immune systems are developing (too slowly for my liking). ''Tis the season for nose wiping... fa la la la la (big thumbs down). 

I am doing all the things to get my four 7-and-under's healthy: cutting sugar, adequate rest, frequent hand washing instructions and "coughing lessons" (in which I pull my hair out because I am 98% sure these things are not done without my supervision), and every vitamin and supplement and essential oil I can throw at them! 

Yet, the coughing through the night persists, and one cold seems to follow another.  I am so discouraged (and winter hasn't even arrived!). I hate seeing them suffer. I hate that I can't make them better, even with all the great things I know to do, and no matter how conducive I make our home to wellness.

Now, I do realize that there are mothers out there whose children have worse things than a cold. My heart hurts just thinking about hospital stays, of which I've only gotten a taste in my seven years as Mom.  The fundamentals still apply here though, in that we mothers can not make them well. We can seek the best medicines and the best consultants, but the really hard thing, and what it all boils down to, is that we are not enough. 

And that kills me to know!

We must suffer alongside our sick children as we do our best to help their little bodies heal. We must hear and feel the coughs, wipe the little noses thousands of times, comfort in the night, snuggle and caress, and teach our children the fundamentals of weathering illness. 

Teaching our children to suffer illness is hard. It feels raw and terrible. But they must go through it, and so must we. 

In my journal tonight, I composed myself a little prayer. I hope there's someone out there who needs it just as much as I do.

Jesus, Lord of all,
Help me to surrender in this moment to your will. 
As I keep watch over my sick child, give me strength to help him suffer illness.
Help to have words that give him comfort and strength.
When he wakes in the night, give me the grace to put aside my weariness.
As sickness drags on, help me to endure.
Help me to keep my hands gentle and my words kind, 
Take my weary cries and my worries and bind them to your Cross.
Keep him close to Your Heart when I am resting.
Hold him in your arms when I am asleep, so that I may not worry, 
but know that You watch over him.
Grant Your healing to my child, and to my heart, 
That I may be faithful to Your Will at each moment.


Stay well friends!

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